Barcelona-Catalonia, internationalisation of the business fabric

An initiative to promote investment opportunities in the metropolitan area and to boost participation in international trade fairs.

Technical specifications

Internationalisation and investment
Project date:
In progress
Accompaniment, Projects
City Councils, Investors
Internationalisation, Investment
To enhance the visibility of investment projects and lend support to the internationalisation of economic activities.


Barcelona-Catalonia is a joint initiative of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Barcelona city council and the Catalan government (INCASÒL) to promote domestic and international investment opportunities and to help attract high-impact investments to the area, particularly those that contribute to improving the job market and revitalising the area's economy.

The project has resulted in the presence of representatives at some of the world's most important international real estate investment trade fairs, including MIPIM in Cannes, Expo Real in Munich and Meeting Point in Barcelona.

The Agency's role is to facilitate the presence of the metropolitan area's municipalities and business fabric at the trade fairs and events in which the Barcelona-Catalonia project is involved, as well as to ensure that the actions taken at these fairs and events have the greatest possible impact.

This project represents an opportunity for the municipalities in the area to better perform their tasks in the area of international expansion and to boost their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

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