Metropolitan PAEs website (InfoPAE)

Joint creation of a website for the metropolitan area's metropolitan industrial estates with city councils and other public entities.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Data and trends, Projects, Services on map
City Councils, Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Entities, Investors
Entrepreneurship and business, Investment, Real estate, Economic activity estates and industry
To provide local governments and other area stakeholders with a tool that offers information on all the PAEs in the area's municipalities.


A website on industrial estates and areas of economic activity will be created with the help of city councils and the collaboration of other public agencies. The website will host all the latest information on the industrial estates (activities, service infrastructures, mobility and connectivity infrastructures, geolocation data and other contents).

This will be a way to monitor the status of occupancy and activities of each economic activity estate (PAE) via periodical studies. It will also allow for the creation of a list of necessary improvements.

The website's aim will be to offer a detailed overview of the status of the PAEs. It will serve companies and entrepreneurs that are already present in the Barcelona area as well as those who might be interested in doing business there and are in search of information.

This up-to-date information on industrial parks and economic activity zones, coupled with the data base of metropolitan area companies, will provide users with the latest reliable information on both the present status of these industrial spaces and their evolution over time. The website will feature an integrated, interactive listing where users will be able to consult the specifications of the industrial parks.