A nexus of companies and vocational training centres to foster entrepreneurship and experimentation.

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Innovation and technology
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In progress
Accompaniment, Training, Projects
City Councils, Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Entities
Entrepreneurship and business, Innovation, Employment and training
To serve as a nexus of companies and professional training centres, with the goal of nurturing students' potential and boosting their employability and professional skills.

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The goal of this project is to create a nexus of companies and vocational education centres in order to highlight students' potential. This is accomplished by presenting the students with a series of innovation challenges posed by companies and other entities. The students respond to the challenges by proposing innovation solutions based on their own ideas, thus gaining exposure to the demands of the business world and the needs of the region.

The project not only gives students contact with businesses and their needs, but it also offers an opportunity for mentors and technicians to analyse the vocational training on offer in order to promote entrepreneurship and teamwork and to foster experimentation and the development of key skills.

The project emerged from the merger of several existing projects, Innolab (Innobaix), Port Innova (Barcelona Port) and Entra al Circuit de la Innovació amb l'FP (Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya). It was carried out during the 2018-19 school year in collaboration with Fundació BCN Formació Professional.


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