Food system analysis

Generating data on the local food system to inform policies and initiatives.

Technical specifications

Local emerging economies
Project date:
Regional and urban planning
Data and trends, Reports and publications, Projects
City Councils, Citizens, Businesses, Entities
Food system, Economic trends
To generate environmental, social and economic information on the metropolitan area food system in order to shape public policy in the area and to promote inclusive and sustainable economic activity in this sector.


The aim of the project is to generate information to shape metropolitan-scale initiatives. These data will take the form of indicators that allow for an analysis of the food system in environmental, economic and social terms and will make it possible to assess the impact of the measures being implemented.

The goal is to produce a system of indicators that can provide social, economic and environmental information about the metropolitan area food system, including information on the system's interrelated features and how it affects other phenomena such as land-use planning, economic activity, culture and heritage, social cohesiveness, public health, eating habits, consumption patterns, the environment, ecosystem services and other areas of public policy, among other issues.

There are plans to carry out a comparative international study of how areas similar to the metropolitan area of Barcelona analyse and assess regional and metropolitan area food systems. The study will identify the main indicators used in these other areas, their sources of data, their methods of assessing local policy and how they present this information on their food systems.



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