Food system action plan

Establishing a policy that safeguards the production of and access to healthy, affordable food.

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In progress
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Commercial sector, Food system
To lay the groundwork for a food policy that reinforces the resilience of the metropolitan area's food system in social, economic and environmental terms. The goal is to guarantee production of and access to healthy and affordable food in a policy based on the principles of equality, conservation and environmental sustainability.


The movement of food is one of the essential systems of any city. The availability of food and how it is produced, distributed, processed, sold and consumed all have a direct influence on how cities function. Work has been ongoing since 2015 on a project to define the characteristics of the Barcelona metropolitan area's food system. In the context of this work, the AMB's Socioeconomic Development Area has drafted an action plan with three objectives: to learn about the actions regarding the metropolitan area food system that are already in progress within the AMB, to create a team to coordinate the various areas of the AMB to lay the groundwork for a broader food policy and to coordinate this policy with other public administrative bodies and with other entities involved in managing the food system, and to identify public and private stakeholders involved in the food system in order to initiate a dialogue and to undertake shared projects with them.

The work to achieve this objective will be carried out in three phases: an internal diagnosis; a debate to define objectives and shared strategic principles; and the drafting of the metropolitan food system action plan. The first of these steps will consist of an effort to come to a consensus diagnosis in order to agree on core priorities and measures. The second step will result in an agreement on general and specific objectives and areas of intervention, with an inventory of the initiatives already in progress and an initial list of possible future projects. The third step will consist of the drafting of the plan, which must put forward a cross-cutting approach to this issue to implement and coordinate AMB's food policy, as well as suggest a model for interaction with stakeholders.

In order to facilitate the drafting of this plan, the Agency will implement specific programmes in the framework of metropolitan strategy aimed at fostering the metropolitan area's agroforestry production, consumption of local goods and the competitiveness of the area's food sector.



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