Circular economy committee

Coordination of circular economy strategies via collaboration between local governments and private stakeholders.

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Circular economy
To create a forum for debate and exchange of industrial symbiosis and circular economy strategies in the metropolitan area. 


This is a tool to help promote the circular economy via a forum to coordinate strategies and promote collaboration between the various local governments, other levels of the public administration and private stakeholders.

The project is already under way, and regular meetings are being held between municipal representatives of municipalities with active industrial symbiosis and circular economy policies and of other municipalities interested in launching such projects. The gatherings are opportunities to share experiences and training and to define what services are necessary, both on a municipal and supra-municipal level. This project also provides a forum for debate on the steps needed to smooth the metropolitan area's transition to a circular economy, and it represents a chance to apply the analysis of the participating projects to shape the metropolitan area's action plan on the circular economy.

The committee gathers regularly in meetings coordinated by the Agency's technical team. The group also works to communicate information on the initiatives in progress both internally and externally and to boost the visibility of companies and projects.

The first session covered a lot of ground, including the presentation of the circular economy activities that were already in progress at the time, a survey of the differing opinions of city councils and private entities, a thorough explanation and update on the current initiatives in the metropolitan area so that others could be inspired to take similar actions, and a tentative plan for the coming stages of the Barcelona metropolitan area's circular economy programme.

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