Resource platform for a circular economy

Website to promote circular economy strategies among the industrial fabric.

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To foster and promote the development of circular economy projects in metropolitan area municipalities via an online tool that provides information and resources as well as data on successful experiences.


An online platform featuring resources on the circular economy, offering information on professionals and good practices in order to promote circular economy strategies among the metropolitan area industrial fabric.

This platform is part of a broader effort to boost the green economy by promoting circular economy strategies in the metropolitan area industrial fabric. The website is meant to serve as a practical resource both for technicians and leaders of existing circular economy projects in the area's municipalities and for companies who may be interested in instituting strategies of this type. It represents a good opportunity for experts in this matter to put themselves on the map and to showcase to the public the initiatives underway, the available resources and the potential of the circular economy in the metropolitan area.

The website includes three broad categories of information: a data base of experts in a number of fields, a list of good practices and a series of reference materials. The section on good practices will include a collection of data on local projects and examples of businesses using circular economy strategies, all in order to publicise these activities so they can serve as inspiration for new initiatives. The examples provided are either from specific parts of the territory (projects featuring the collaboration of multiple companies in a given town or industrial park) or they are examples of the work of specific companies (individual case studies of businesses using circular economy methods or of cases of industrial symbiosis in the collaboration between companies).

The reference materials will consist of additional information that may be of use or of interest to the website's users. They will be able to find everything from information from leading international sources to other data bases on projects underway here and abroad, as well as a collection of books and videos on the concepts of industrial symbiosis and the circular economy.

This initiative is supported by a grant from the Catalan Public Employment Service in the framework of its programmes to support local development:




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