Metropolitan job market observatory

Monitoring and assessment of the effects of job creation measures and regular collection of data on indicators.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Data and trends, Reports and publications, Projects
City Councils, Citizens
Entrepreneurship and business, Employment and training, Economic trends
To apply data on the evolution of the metropolitan area job market, boost the visibility of projects that promote quality, sustainable employment and provide guidelines to AMB municipalities to help them achieve improvements in the job market.


The Observatory's mission is to regularly compile information on indicators related to the job market in municipalities in the Barcelona metropolitan area. In order to do so, the Agency will work with the various other observatories around the metropolitan area, the Office of Social Policy and other departments of the AMB who work on similar issues. The Observatory will collaborate in collecting data on the metropolitan area job market and publish the data in a freely available format. This institution will work with the Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies (IERMB) and the Fundació BCN Formació Professional, among others.

Flaix reports are a way to communicate a summary of the data gathered by observatories. These reports give a prominent place to data on the evolution of the job market. Among the key indicators they examine are job market growth, social security registrations (both in the general system and those registering as self-employed), the evolution of the overall number of workers, registration in various economic sectors and the number of contracts signed (and the duration of the contracts). Other indicators include data on unemployment (with a breakdown by sex, age, nationality and sector, as well as by level of education and unemployment benefits received). These data will be available for the region as a whole and for individual municipalities within it.

A website devoted to the job market is currently under construction. As of now, the data can be consulted on the AMB website, which features statistics.

There will also be regular TROP reports on the latest trends. These reports will be issued periodically and will offer a number of resources for the study and strategic analysis of trends, challenges, opportunities and positioning (TROP) in the economy, all in order to help stimulate the development of the metropolitan area economy.



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