Promotion of special social employment plans

Managing and promoting innovative projects that promote employment and self-employment.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Financing, Projects
City Councils, Entities
Employment and training
To provide support to local employment policy authorities and to adopt a metropolitan and inter-municipal scale approach to this issue while promoting quality and inclusive job placement programmes.


This project consists of the promotion of projects in municipalities or groups of municipalities that take innovative approaches to stimulating the creation of new job and self-employment opportunities and to job placement and professional training, specifically those programmes that can take the form of public-private partnerships.

The intention is to reward unique and innovative projects that open the way toward improvements in a number of areas, including the application of new approaches to work and the direct involvement of non-profit entities and other social and economic stakeholders.

Types of initiatives:
  • Job creation with the collaboration of social, educational and economic stakeholders from the region.
  • Empowerment of unemployed people in the form of intensive, individualised, specialised training processes, as well as social and professional guidance and orientation, internship opportunities and other initiatives that improve their professional skills.
  • Individual projects aimed at issues such as: sustainable development, the struggle against climate change, energy efficiency, natural and cultural resources, the social and solidarity-based economy, the circular economy and green job creation, the knowledge society, and projects that involve the direct creation of jobs.
  • Intermunicipal initiatives to undertake joint job and self-employment opportunity creation.


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