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Business support offices (OAE)

Creation of a network of business support offices, beginning with a pilot programme in various municipalities.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Accompaniment, Financing, Projects
City Councils, Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses
Entrepreneurship and business, Economic activity estates and industry
To lend support to city councils in the creation of a network of business support office and in the definition of how their business support strategies should work. 


Based upon the experiences of Barcelona Activa in offering advising services to businesses, as well as on the expertise of the area's municipal officials in this matter, the Agency will promote the creation of a network of municipal business support offices.

Barcelona Activa will work with the Economic Development Agency to transfer its knowledge to the rest of the local municipalities via collaboration agreements. New tools will be designed to share with the new offices, including service catalogues and descriptions of procedures and methodologies.

The project includes a pilot programme to be implemented in two municipalities. This programme will consist of the creation of business support offices in the localities with the help of the Agency. Once the results of this initial programme have been assessed, the initiative will be expanded to include other municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the intention is to carry out a collaborate process to design a basic model of operations for these business support offices. This model can then be adapted to individual localities via the drafting of catalogues of processes and services offered, along with a plan to train and recruit local officials to staff the offices and a communication strategy. Finally, the Agency will assist in the opening of the offices and follow their progress in order to ensure that the project is sustainable and that the offices receive the guidance they need.