Service platform for companies and entrepreneurs

Identifying and periodically updating a list of local services for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Projects, Services on map
Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Investors
Entrepreneurship and business
To provide the region's local authorities and economic stakeholders with a tool that details all the services offered to businesses and entrepreneurs in the 36 municipalities.


The platform offers regularly updated data and maps showing all the services for business and entrepreneurs offered by local and metropolitan authorities and by other private sector entities that work on these issues.

It will feature a metropolitan area map with data on the specific and specialised municipal and supra-municipal characteristics of the available services for companies and entrepreneurs.

It also provides information on the entities providing these services to businesses and a handbook on: business creation, space for businesses, financing, internationalisation, R&D&I, various initiatives providing support to businesses, stimulus and cooperation, and human resources. The platform will display contact information for the public and private entities, the services they offer and any regular activities they may hold.



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