Improvements in PAEs management (ImpulsPAE)

New management tools and models to improve public-private partnerships.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
Regional and urban planning
City Councils, Citizens, Businesses
Entrepreneurship and business, Economic activity estates and industry
To promote the creation of new management tools and models that can be applied to economic activity estates (PAEs) in the form of improved public-private partnerships.


The Agency will issue proposals to better define the structure and scale of governance of industrial parks and the functions and responsibilities of these governing bodies, as well as the kinds of services they should offer (such as improvements to the industrial parks, promotion of economic activities and unified management of services). Lines of division will be drawn between the various industrial subsystems in the metropolitan area.

The project will also promote business associations. In July 2018, the Agency made a presentation to representatives of local economic activity estates (PAEs) as part of a project to generate closer links between businesses. The aim of this pilot project is to help found, promote and revitalise business associations in PAEs.

All these projects boast the collaboration and support of the municipalities involved. Work on the pilot project will focus on two distinct issues:
  • Consolidation of existing business associations, which play a key role in revitalising and improving the competitiveness of PAEs.
  • Promotion of new businesses associations in places where they do not exist. The project will seek out representatives and leading figures at the economic activity estates in the metropolitan area in order to promote collaboration. Implementation of the ASSOCIA'T programme.  
Meanwhile, a pilot programme on certifications is already in progress. This programme represents the Agency's commitment to playing a leading role via its Segell de Qualitat dels PAE (PAEs seal of quality). The goal is to issue between 8 and 10 certifications this first year, based on 20 pre-audits.

This is a way for the Agency to lend support to local governments in their efforts to improve PAEs. The estates will be able to obtain a seal of quality that will offer prestige to the host municipality and help attract investments to boost the economy. This process will also provide detailed knowledge of the status of the area's PAEs and economic activity zones.



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