Plan for the improvement of industrial estates and other areas of economic activity (SuportPAE)

Programme of subsidies for companies, groups of companies and local governments to improve industrial estates.

Technical specifications

Business, economic activity estates and the job market
Project date:
In progress
Financing, Projects
City Councils, Businesses, Entities
Economic activity estates and industry
To establish a system to monitor the implementation of the plan to improve metropolitan industrial estates and economic activity estates (PAEs) in order to help transform and modernise them. 


This project will offer subsidies to companies, business associations and city councils for activities carried out in or activities related to industrial parks or economic activity areas. The grants will be aimed at assisting initiatives that promote the competitiveness and revitalisation of the industrial parks and economic activity zones in the Barcelona area, initiatives which, in turn, lead to job creation. The project will also take steps to help economic activity estates (PAEs) obtain quality certifications in conjunction with a recognised certification body.

In order to pursue the goal of creating quality jobs, the Economic Development Agency offers grants to the industrial sector. PAEs are locations of particular interest where companies tend to establish themselves within the metropolitan region. As such, these spaces must be kept in optimal condition in order to ensure that they are sustainable and competitive. The grants awarded pay for up to 70% of the projects they finance, or up to a maximum amount of 1.5 million euros.

250 economic activity estates

The metropolitan area is home to 250 economic activity estates covering about 8,000 ha of territory, located in a number of different municipalities. The areas host 28,000 industrial activities (breakdown by sector: 37% commercial, 22% service sector, 20% industry, 9% construction, 8% logistics and 4% other activities).

Four different types of projects can receive these grants: 
  • Initiatives to improve energy efficiency.
  • Initiatives to improve and refurbish urban planning and service infrastructures.
  • Initiatives to refurbish buildings and industrial spaces.
  • Initiatives to redesign and improve mobility and accessibility both within industrial parks and outside them.



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