Spaces for digital creativity and open data

New digital spaces and fostering the use of open data to create opportunities for business an innovation.

Technical specifications

Innovation and technology
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Regional and urban planning
Accompaniment, Projects
City Councils, Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Entities
Entrepreneurship and business, Innovation
To promote modernisation and the generation of new spaces for digital creation or fablabs via a range of incentives and through the use of open data on a metropolitan scale, and to offer information, content and tools to local governments and business associations in order to help them promote the use of open data among local small and medium-sized businesses.


The objective is to access open data and reuse these data for new ideas which will, in turn, generate still more ideas. The project will also make new knowledge and services available to companies to set the stage for new business and innovation opportunities.

In order to create spaces for the use of open data, the project will work to provide economic promotion centres and other spaces with digital equipment for the creation of objects in an effort to democratise production and foster "maker" culture.

The project will also encourage self-learning, collaboration, knowledge exchange and collaborative work on a range of different kinds of activities, and it will seek to showcase the social benefits of the use of open data by public and private entities in the area, spearhead local plans for the reuse of public data and spread the word about the potential of the use of public data by small and medium-sized businesses.


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