Innovative strategic plans

Diagnostic tools to identify cities' needs in order to implement innovation.

Technical specifications

Innovation and technology
Project date:
In progress
Accompaniment, Projects
City Councils
Entrepreneurship and business, Innovation
To promote the drafting of strategic innovation plans, documents that will use an inclusive and participatory methodology to identify and analyse cities' principal needs in order to advance in innovation.


These plans will reflect the consensus as to the objectives, areas of work and specific actions to be undertaken to meet cities' needs over the coming years. Cities will reach a consensus on their priorities when it comes to innovation, and they will establish methods to coordinate and monitor their activities. This programme is currently being implemented in Esplugues de Llobregat, with this initial experience slated to serve as a model for other area municipalities.

The Esplugues Innovation Plan was drafted with the priorities of local people in mind. It was designed to serve as a diagnostic and policy planning tool, one that is able to analyse the current situation, help the local government and other private stakeholders agree on priorities, and set out short- and medium-term actions.

With a view toward helping spread innovation throughout society via a combination of projects and strategies, the specific objectives of these plans are to apply an inclusive and participatory methodology to diagnose the steps needed to encourage innovation in the municipality.

The Esplugues de Llobregat Innovation Plan is open to new concepts and business models. It will be developed in four stages. First, there will be a process of reaching a consensus as to the methodology and participation mechanism to be used and entities that will drive the project. Second, there will be a data collection phase. Third, fieldwork will be conducted. Lastly, the final documents will be drafted. They will set out the overall objectives for the plan and point the way for innovation in the city over the coming years.



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