Innovation centre network

Creation of new innovation spaces or fablabs to share good practices and foster cooperation.

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Innovation and technology
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Regional and urban planning
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City Councils, Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Entities, Investors
Entrepreneurship and business, Innovation, Employment and training
To help forge connections between innovation spaces or fablabs in order to foster creativity and the exchange of innovative business projects.


This project will establish a network of the metropolitan area's leading specialised innovation centres working in the fields of the circular and collaborative economy, technological and social innovation, smart manufacturing, open data and digitalisation. The goal is for this network joining together innovation spaces to come to serve as a resource where local governments, citizens and businesses can get technological support.

The metropolitan area of Barcelona already boasts a wide range of highly innovative businesses, but this network of centres is more aimed at the small and medium-sized businesses in all the other sectors of the economy who are aware of a need to innovate but unsure of how to go about it. Thus, the network has been conceived as a metropolitan-scale forum for the exchange of good and innovative practices in the field of economic promotion. The network will be built with the participation of universities, centres of excellence, companies, local governments and other economic and social stakeholders.

The role of the network will be to share information on the various projects being carried out in the metropolitan area, support companies in their efforts to implement necessary technological changes, and seek out synergies and opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in order to foster economic regeneration in the area. The financial side of the projects cannot be neglected, and this network will also serve to help companies gain a realistic perspective on their plans.


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