Search engines and observatory of business real estate

Tools and resources to consult economic indicators and the commercial real estate market.

Technical specifications

Internationalisation and investment
Project date:
In progress
Data and trends, Reports and publications, Projects, Services on map
City Councils, Citizens, Businesses, Investors
Investment, Real estate
To develop and maintain information systems and geolocation tools for business.


This task of this project will be to gather and periodically update data on the real estate market, specifically on the availability of industrial spaces, land, offices and retail space in the metropolitan area.

The project will produce a number of tools to showcase the real estate available both on the main online real estate platforms and from other important players in the sector. It also represents an opportunity to monitor real estate demand and to have an overview of the state of the real estate market, offering online users the possibility to consult the latest information on industrial spaces and land as well as on offices and retail space.

This knowledge of the evolution of the commercial real estate market will emerge from data that will also make it possible to monitor the evolution of a number of key indicators, including the total number of square meters of property available, the average price per square meter, the seasonal evolution of the market and the breakdown of the properties available by size.

At the same time, the project will follow the evolution of the commercial real estate market by drafting bi-annual reports on the real estate market in the industrial, office and retail sectors. All the properties on the market will be searchable using AMB's digital street map and the information available on the property registry.

Additionally, a series of Flaix reports will provide information on the evolution of the metropolitan area's key economic indicators, including the GDP of the area, the creation of businesses, the real estate market, and the job market and unemployment.



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