Identification of metropolitan resources and heritage

Identifying and raising awareness of the area's range of heritage and assets.

Technical specifications

Internationalisation and investment
Project date:
In progress
City Councils, Citizens
Tourism and identity
To showcase and raise awareness of the metropolitan area's heritage in order to foster economic activity and attract tourism to the 36 localities in the metropolitan area.


This project works to identify and highlight the range of resources and heritage in the metropolitan area's 36 localities, in order to boost the visibility of these assets and to generate economic activity based on them.

This initiative involves collaboration on a local and supra-local scale, with the goal of establishing a system of information and indicators. This data will in turn help shape new strategies and inform new initiatives to drive the tourism sector throughout the metropolitan region.

The metropolitan region's appeal to tourists lies in a variety of tangible and intangible assets, including natural spaces, culture, unique businesses, gastronomy, and the urban and agricultural landscape. Consequently, any broad, coordinated regional strategy to promote Barcelona as a tourist destination should emerge from a prior survey and consideration of all the territories that make greater Barcelona a tourist destination. The information gathered in this process will be used to inform initiatives that will boost the metropolitan area's economy and drive the tourism sector.



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