The metropolitan reach of Barcelona's brand

The metropolitan area's municipalities can share in the benefits of the international reputation that comes with Barcelona's brand.

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Internationalisation and investment
Project date:
In progress
News, Projects
City Councils, Citizens
Tourism and identity
To expand the reach of the Barcelona brand to the rest of the metropolitan area and allow other local municipalities both to help shape it and to share in its benefits.


The expansion of the Barcelona brand to take in the whole of the metropolitan area is a goal shared by all the area's local authorities. The brand is an asset for the region, serving both to boost the area's international presence and to drive investment.

The Barcelona brand must be understood in its broader geographical context and in light of the extensive network of territorial, social, demographic, economic and cultural links that closely bind the region together.

The goal of this project is to foster collaboration and create a new forum for communication among the metropolitan area's public and private stakeholders. This represents an opportunity to develop a comprehensive strategy, one that reflects the region's wide range of identities. The idea is to encourage local authorities and other stakeholders to be actively involved in shaping the Barcelona brand and broadening its territorial reach. They will work together from a metropolitan perspective to decide how to project the area's image, and they will seek out the common objectives of the 36 municipalities. The process will broaden and enrich the concept of the Barcelona brand.




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