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Foreign Economic Coordination Committee

A forum to coordinate public and private sector strategies to promote the internationalisation of businesses.

Technical specifications

Internationalisation and investment
Project date:
In progress
Accompaniment, Activities, Projects
City Councils, Entities
, Internationalisation
To fully exploit the opportunities for synergy arising from cooperation and collaboration and to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts by the stakeholders involved in this issue.


The Foreign Economic Coordination Committee is a forum where public and private institutions come together to plan and develop international-scale actions and strategies. The objective is to ensure that the metropolitan area's range of initiatives aimed at international economic promotion are carried out in a coordinated fashion.

The Agency acts as a diffuser of these actions. At the same time, it supports the metropolitan economic fabric and contributes to its internationalization. In the same direction, the Agency works on the development of commercial missions abroad and on the participation in trade fairs and sectorial events on international scale.

Inter-institutional coordination is necessary, because institutions do better when they join forces and identify their common interests and opportunities for synergy, as well as plan joint actions. This way, they avoid duplicating their efforts and are able to achieve a greater impact while making a more rational and efficient use of public resources. Additionally, thanks to the involvement of municipalities and their promotion of their own initiatives, the actions taken within the framework of this project have taken on dimensions large enough to face the challenges of the international economy.